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Health Minister: ‘Medicine shortage in Sudan serious’

December 12 - 2018 KHARTOUM
File photo
File photo

The Sudanese federal Minister of Health, Mohamed Abuzeid, has described the continuing shortage of medicines in the country as serious.

He expressed his concern over the shortages in the supply of medicines to the states of Sudan, and held the Central Bank of Sudan responsible.

Minister Abuzeid called on Parliament to make $400 million available for medical supplies and the Council of Medicines so that there would be no problem in the supply of essential medicines.

Chronic shortage

Last month, the Sudan pharmaceutical sector reports a severe scarcity of asthma and allergy medicines, especially anti-seizure medication phenytoin, which costs SDG 1,000 ($20*) for 2mg, as well as a lack of life-saving immunoglobulin where the cost of one injection exceeds SDG 1,700 (*$36).

The sources said that the companies have stopped importing and meeting the orders of pharmacies until the issuance of a decision to determine the exchange rate for the medicines and their indicative prices.

As reported earlier by Radio Dabanga, pharmacies in the Sudanese capital Khartoum as well as the other states are witnessing lack of many types of medicines amid rising prices.

Dr Nasri Margas, the former head of the private pharmacies department, attributed the lack of medicines to pharmacies halting importation and sales due the rise in price of the Dollar.

He explained that most of the types of drugs are not available in pharmacies and companies, pointing out that the prices of medicine have increased by 300 per cent during the past months.

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