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'Hazardous e-waste in Port Sudan containers': experts

November 10 - 2015 EL SALLOUM
File photo: El Kheir Petroleum terminal in Port Sudan (Sudan Ports)
File photo: El Kheir Petroleum terminal in Port Sudan (Sudan Ports)

The cost of dry containers with hazardous waste disposal in El Salloum port, Port Sudan, amounts to US$46,000 per container, according to experts of a Sudanese project that raises awareness for the recycling of electronic waste.

The experts handed a report to the corporation of Sudanese seaports on Monday. They state that the number of containers, that carry the waste of electronic equipment, to be disposed of amounts to 127 containers. This is equal to $5,842,000, the researchers found.

According to the experts, all 127 containers contain hazardous waste of various substances and materials.

Africa and Asia are key destinations for large-scale shipments of hazardous wastes for dumping, and sometimes for recycling, according to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in a report on waste crime in May 2015. Discarded electronics are recycled in conditions that are hazardous to health. According to UNEP, up to 90 percent of the world's electronic waste, worth nearly $19 billion, is illegally traded or dumped each year.


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