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Gunmen kill man, injure two, torch market in Darfur

December 9 - 2014 DARFUR

In separate incidents in South, North, and West Darfur, a man was shot dead, a woman was severely beaten, and a merchant sustained serious bullet wounds on Sunday. On the same day, militiamen torched a South Darfuri village market.

A passenger was shot dead and four others were wounded near Magrana in Sunta locality, South Darfur, in an attack by gunmen on a commercial vehicle, one of the passengers reported to Radio Dabanga. The vehicle was on its way to Ed Daein, capital of East Darfur.

In the area of Bargo, west of Kabkabiya town in North Darfur, Hasna Haroun Mohamed was seriously injured, when gunmen beat her excessively with their whips.

Merchant Ibrahim Ahmed Omar was hit in both legs when he was shot inside his house in Azerni, Kereinik locality, West Darfur, on Sunday evening. Omda Ishag Abdelbanat told Radio Dabanga that eight armed robbers stormed Omar’s house at midnight, “firing a hail of bullets”. The police were able to arrest six of the perpetrators on Monday.

The market of Abu Hamra village, located in the eastern part of Mershing locality, burned to ashes on Sunday, a shop keeper told Radio Dabanga from the village. “Ten militiamen, some of them wearing military uniforms, entered the Sunday market to shop. Angry farmers approached them, accusing them of releasing their livestock on their farmlands. The Janjaweed left the market around sunset, but returned in the evening, setting the entire market on fire.”

File photo: A horseman at a market in Darfur


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