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Gold miners face water crisis at Chad-Libya border

July 31 - 2015 KORI BOKADI
The border between Libya (above) and Chad (Wikipedia)
The border between Libya (above) and Chad (Wikipedia)

Thousands of gold prospectors in seven mines in the desert area of the Chadian-Libyan border are out of drinking water now their supply from Libya has come to a halt.

One of the prospectors informed Radio Dabanga about their situation in the mining area of Kori Bokadi on Thursday. They have suffered from thirst for six days after the water supply from the Libyan Gutran area stopped.

“We relied on soft drinks, but they have gone out,” prospector Ahmed Adam Yasir said. “We're now in a dangerous phase.”

Yasir estimated that there are 10,000 prospectors in the seven mines, most of them Chadians and Sudanese, and some Nigerians and Malians.

He appealed to the authorities in the three countries, Chad, Sudan and Libya, to not hesitate to act immediately to rescue the thousands of prospectors from dying of thirst. “Today, before tomorrow.”


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