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Girl raped near Tabit, North Darfur

May 13 - 2016 TAWILA
Firewood used to cook a meal with in Sudan (Pia Skjelstad/WFP)
Firewood used to cook a meal with in Sudan (Pia Skjelstad/WFP)

A 17-year-old girl was raped west of Tabit in Tawila locality on Thursday. Gunmen attacked her and her aunt while they were collecting firewood.

A relative of the girl told Radio Dabanga that the aunt (50) and her niece were out in Katur when the gunmen, riding camels, attacked them. They seized the girl and raped her.

The men left her five hours later, after which people took her to a military garrison in Katur to report the incident. The relative said that no soldiers went out to chase down the perpetrators.

The girl is in a bad psychological condition, the relative said.

Reports indicate that gunmen and militia members repeatedly harrass people in the vicinity of Tabit when they go out to collect hay and straw. Three young women, aged 23, 18, and 17, were raped by seven militiamen on 8 May. The same day, gunmen barred a group of firewood collectors from going out and burned their cart.

On 25 April, four militia members raped two women and a minor collecting straw near Tabit.

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