Girl raped near North Darfur camp

Militiamen rape a displaced 16-year-old girl collecting straw near her camp in North Darfur. Three women manage to escape.

Militia members raped an internally displaced girl from Shaddad camp in North Darfur, near Shangil Tobaya, on Monday.

The members of a pro-government militia attacked four displaced women who were collecting straw and firewood, just 2km west of the camp. They seized one of them, a 16-year-old girl, and raped her for several hours.

The three other women managed to escape from the men, a witness explained to Radio Dabanga. After four hours, the militiamen left the girl in poor conditions. The victim was brought to a hospital in El Fasher for treatment.

The militiamen wore military uniforms and rode on camels, according to the witness. The displaced people have reported the incident to peacekeepers of the Unamid.