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Four killed in more raids by Border Guards in North Darfur

September 18 - 2015 KUTUM
Members of the Border Guards (
Members of the Border Guards (

Four people were killed and three children have gone missing in another raid campaign by a group of Border Guards in villages north of Kutum on Thursday and Friday. Residents report they have been robbed of their vehicles, money, gold, and livestock.

A witness told Radio Dabanga that the group, driving in seven Land Cruisers and others riding on camels, attacked Amrai area in North Darfur at 4pm on Thursday. The director of the basic school, Abdelgader Asil Adam, and Sheikh Attahir Hamid Hamad were killed.

The members of the Border Guards assaulted a group of about 500 gold miners there, the source said. The miners had come from Chad in two large trucks. The Guards took all the gold, money, and gold detectors the miners were carrying with them, and one Toyota vehicle.

The paramilitary troops continued their assaults in the villages of Karbol Salot and Hillet Khater, where they killed Suleiman Awad Tahir and Hamid Mousa Wali, the witness reported. Abdelkarim Ali was wounded.

Following the attacks in these villages, three children went missing and did not return yet on Friday afternoon.

More raids took place in Amar, Hillet Abaker, Hillet Nurain, Hillet Mahmoud Ahmed and Anka from Thursday to Friday morning, the witness added. The group of Border Guards abused residents while taking their property, and many have fled to neighbouring valleys.

A force of Border Guards assaulted dozens of residents for several days earlier this month. Reportedly 36 villages were abandoned in Lamena and Abu Serkin areas. A Member of Parliament in Kutum claimed last week that state authorities are being complicit with the paramilitary militias.

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