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Four dead, 15 raped in Darfur revenge attacks

May 8 - 2016 JEBEL MARRA
Displaced hiding in Caves western Jebel Marra in February 2016
Displaced hiding in Caves western Jebel Marra in February 2016

Four people including three girls have been killed and at least 15 women and girls reportedly raped in separate incidents in Darfur’s Jebel Marra.

An activist told Radio Dabanga that Sudanese army troops and allied militiamen stationed around Soni clashed with forces of the Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM-AW)on 1 May, and subsequently launched large-scale revenge campaign against the citizens of the area.

In series of attacks that continued from Saturday to Monday on the road between Soni and Derbat in East Jebel Marra, Halima Mohamed Adam Eisa (25) and Salwa Abdallah Khamis (21) were killed. The activist said that the government forces and militiamen raped about 15 of the women and girls. “They stripped them of their clothes after their rape and forced them to stay naked on the road between Soni and Derbat.

On Wednesday, Huda Ishag Abakar (18) and Adam Abdullah Mohammed were shot dead and Kaltoum Mohammed Adam (60) suffered fractures in both hands when militiamen opened fire on a number of displaced people who returned from Guldo area to Golo to retrieve some of their provisions.

People who have fled West Jebel Marra to Guldo to escaping the aerial bombardment and militia assaults told Radio Dabanga of their tragic humanitarian and health situation, lacking food, medicines and cover.

The caller said that government forces and militiamen have robbed them of whatever assets they have including spices, sugar, dried tomatoes, and blankets.

They appealed to the United Nations and the Security Council and the international community to move in order to protect them and provide food and shelter for them.

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