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Food prices, power outages on the rise in Darfur

Women cook food for iftar - to break the fast - in Abu Shouk camp for displaced in North Darfur (Sidig Mohamed/Unamid)
Women cook food for iftar - to break the fast - in Abu Shouk camp for displaced in North Darfur (Sidig Mohamed/Unamid)

Food prices are significantly boosted during the fasting month of Ramadan, people in the capital of Central Darfur reported. Residents of El Fasher are said to cope with electric outages and a water shortage.

A resident of Nierteti, Central Darfur, told Radio Dabanga that the price of a pound of sugar has risen from SDG4.5 to 6 pounds ($0.70-$1). The price of a soap went up to SDG4 ($0.65). A bottle of oil now costs SDG15 ($2.45), and a kilo of flour SDG10 ($1.60).

Every year during the month of Ramadan, the demand for sugar, flour, and vegetable oils increases. Markets in Nyala, the capital of South Darfur, face the same price increase. A sack of sugar rose from SDG460 ($75) to 600 pounds ($98).

Whereas the price for a sack of flour has risen to SDG315 ($51) versus 530 pounds for a sack of millet ($86). A kilo of lamb meat costs 60 pounds ($9.80).

A listener in Nyla told Radio Dabanga that the rise of prices has posed to be a challenge for the residents. “Especially since the prices are no longer commensurate with the employees' salaries and income of individuals.”

Water shortage

Districts in El Fasher, in North Darfur, continue to witness a water shortage and outages of the electric supply during Ramadan. People have gone out in protest against the issues.

A listener explained that because of the problems, the price of a barrel of water has amounted to SDG30 ($4.90) in central districts and 50 pounds ($8.14) in the peripheral districts of the state capital.

People also protested against ongoing electricity outages in El Fasher, reportedly caused by the sharp rise in temperature this month. The authorities, however, have not apologised to the residents.

'Cook collective iftar for displaced during Ramadan': North Darfur activist (22 June 2015)

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