Five people killed in violent incidents in South Darfur

Militiamen kill five people, and wound eight others in four separate incidents in South Darfur in one day. A military staffer dies in North Darfur as a convoy comes under attack.

Five people were killed, and eight others were wounded in four separate incidents in South Darfur on Monday involving pro-government militiamen. A convoy in North Darfur came under the attack of militiamen on Sunday, during which one military staff was killed.

Militiamen riding on camels and horses opened fire on a number of internally displaced people, who were tilling their farms at Nabagaya area, west of Gireida. Adam Saleh Abaker El Fida was killed on the spot. Abdelmajeed Abdelrahim Ibrahim and Suleiman El Amin sustained injuries.

In Dugma, east of Gireida, pro-government militia members alse attacked a group of displaced people. They managed to seriously wound Mohamed Abdallah Ibrahim and Mohamed Ali Yagoub. A witness told Radio Dabanga that the police in Gireida was informed about the incidents, but they apologised for not having enough fuel to hunt down the offenders.

Militiamen shot dead a young man, and robbed his phone, in El Tadamon district in Nyala, the capital of South Darfur.

Meanwhile in a clash between militiamen and a local rescue team at Shataya in South Darfur, the militiamen killed three people and wounded four others. The team had attempted to retrieve a stolen vehicle.

Vehicles under attack

On Sunday, militiamen attacked a convoy that was on its way from Tawila to El Fasher. One military staffer was killed, while six others were wounded. One of their vehicles was destroyed.

Omda Mukhtar Bosh, coordinator of camps for internally displaced people, informed Radio Dabanga about the incident. He added that the government-backed militiamen had been driving in a convoy that consisted of about 50 vehicles, varying from motorcycles to vehicles, and camels. “There were members of the army, the Popular Defence Forces, and the Central Reserve Forces.

“Movement of commercial vehicles to and from Tawila has completely stopped.”

In Ed Daein, the capital of East Darfur, gunmen opened fire on a commercial vehicle and seriously wounded one of the passengers.

In Tabit, two displaced relatives, Fatima Ibrahim and Abdallah Ibrahim, died when the vehicle they were in overturned on its way from Zamzam camp to Tabit on Monday. Seven others were injured.