Five dead, three injured in Darfur shootings

Five people were killed and three others were wounded in Darfur on Sunday and Monday.
In Dumma, north of South Darfur’s capital of Nyala, a farmer was shot dead …

Five people were killed and three others were wounded in South Darfur, Central Darfur, and East Jebel Marra on Sunday and Monday.

In Dumma, north of South Darfur's capital of Nyala, farmer Adam Suleiman Ahmed Adam was shot dead by militiamen on Sunday evening.

A tribal sheikh told Radio Dabanga that members of a government militia opened fire at Adam. “He and his donkey died instantly.

“A rescue team followed the killers who fled to a nomad settlement in the area. The people at the settlement, however, confronted them, and forced them to return to Dumma.”

The sheikh added that the commissioner of Mershing formed a committee on Monday that would go to the settlement, and arrest the perpetrator.


Farmer Shogar Abakar Abdallah Musa died of bullet wounds, when he was shot by a militiaman at his farmland in the area of Dankoj, east of Zalingei, capital of Central Darfur, on Monday.

The same day, a driver was killed when gunmen opened fire at a lorry on the Nyala-Zalingei road, in the area of Korlei.

Armed robbers wounded a herder in the area of Mashrou Abu Zeid in East Jebel Marra on Sunday. “When he attempted to prevent those Janjaweed from taking his 73 cows, he was shot in the leg” a relative reported to Radio Dabanga.”


Also on Monday, militiamen attempted to hijack the vehicle of the Central Darfur state Minister of Education in El Wihda district in Zalingei.

His guards resisted, and in the ensuing fire fight, two militiamen were wounded, one of them seriously. “He was taken to a hospital in Zalingei for treatment,” an eyewitness told Radio Dabanga.

“The other militiamen managed to flee, taking the other wounded man with them.”

On Sunday, two people were shot dead at the Nyala-Kass road in South Darfur, when three armed robbers on a motorcycle opened fire at a bus.

“The driver was killed instantly. The robbers then took the bus and fled,” one of the passengers told Radio Dabanga. “Government forces chased the perpetrators, and killed one of them.”