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Five cases of serious sunstroke in Port Sudan

August 22 - 2017 PORT SUDAN
Port Sudan in 2010 (
Port Sudan in 2010 (

Five more cases of sunstroke, including one death, were recorded in Port Sudan hospitals on Sunday and Monday. The city has witnessed multiple cases of residents succumbing to the heat since July.

The hospital's emergency department received five cases in the past two days which are being held in the emergency ward for observation. One patient died.

The ward now exclusively functions for cases of sunstroke while it is reserved for emergency cases of tumours. “The ward is not equipped to structurally receive people suffering from sunstroke, because it lacks good ventilation and a cooling system,” journalist Osman Hashim reported from the hospital to this station. “There are two fans in the room.”

A shortage of doctors, mid-level nurses, and technicians further exacerbates the situation in the port city's main hospital. “The number of incidents is only expected to increase as a result of the high temperature in Port Sudan.”

In the first week of July, a child suffering from sunstroke died in the port city. Three people died in the hospital on 13 July. Officials of the Ministry of Health then called on the civil authorities to initiate awareness campaigns in Red Sea, in order for people to learn about sunstroke and the serious implications it can have.

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