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Displaced blame Darfur camp fires on arson

March 8 - 2015 DELEIG CAMP

According to displaced in Darfur, the fires that recently broke out in a number of camps are the result of arson.

During the past few months, hundreds of homes were destroyed by fires that erupted in Neem, Bindisi, Kalma, El Salam, and Kendebe camps for the displaced.

“The displaced accuse the authorities of deliberately setting the fires, to dismantle the camps, in order to force us to return to our places of origin, as the regime in Khartoum considers the war has ended,” the coordinator of the Central Darfur camps told Dabanga.

He said that the most recent fire that erupted in Deleig camp, Central Darfur, last week, destroyed 25 shelters.

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