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FFC to have another meeting with military junta

June 21 - 2022 KHARTOUM
Forces for Freedom and Change logo
Forces for Freedom and Change logo

The Executive Office of the Forces for Freedom and Change Central Council (FFC-CC) announced that it had received an invitation for another meeting with the military junta, called by the embassies of the United States of America and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Khartoum.

The embassies requested briefings from both the FFC-CC and the military and a follow-up to the meeting that took place on June 10. Taha Osman attended that meeting on behalf of the FFC.

A press statement of the FFC Executive Office confirmed that the FFC prepared their vision, which requires ending the coup and establishing a democratic civil authority, and that it would hand over the vision shortly after completing consultations with all the revolutionary and resistance forces that made sacrifices to defeat the coup.

The FFC believes that the measures needed to create a democratic climate have not been implemented in many aspects, especially concerning the release of all detainees, the cessation of violence against protesters, the freedom and right of expression, the protection of civilians, the cessation of procedures that allow for the return of employees of the former regime, and the return of the people's recovered property and money.

The FFC said in the statement: “we must deal transparently with our people and the forces of revolution and resistance, so the Forces for Freedom and Change will inform public opinion about any subsequent developments”.  

It also said: “we do not want a political process that comes at the expense of our people’s struggle and sacrifices, buys time or legitimises the coup. Therefore, it is necessary to determine a time limit for this process”.

Road to June 30 mobilisation in Khartoum (social media)


June 30 mass protests

FFC further mentioned “extensive preparations for the June 30 mass protests” in the country “in complete unity between the revolutionary forces aiming to defeat the coup, and we stress that any political solution must fulfil the demands of the revolution and nothing else”.

Sudanese all over the country are preparing for massive national protests against the military coup authorities on June 30. As part of the ‘Road to June 30’ initiative, protests and mobilisation activities are already taking place to announce the June 30 pro-democracy marches. 

Announcement of the June 30 marches (social media)


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