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Fever claims lives of three displaced in South Darfur camp

October 31 - 2014 KALMA/EL FASHER

Three women have died as a result of an unknown fever in Kalma camp, South Darfur. The North Darfur Ministry of Health has pledged to fill the gap of health services in the state by constructing health units in El Fasher.

The Secretary-General of the camp, east of Nyala city, reported the deaths of Aziza Ibrahim Bakaht, Maryam Mohamad Hamid, and the 11-year-old Jawahir Abdallah Hilal on Wednesday. Saleh Issa added that the symptoms of the disease are headache, severe fever, diarrhoea, and bleeding from the nose and mouth. He pointed out that many of the cases have been reported to the camp administration.

In June this year, Radio Dabanga reported that an unknown disease claimed the lives of 18 people living in Kalma during one month. The symptoms of this disease were a loss of appetite, headache, pain in the chest, diarrhoea, vomiting, and a high fever.

In North Darfur, the Federal Ministry of Health acknowledged that there is a lack of health services in the state. Under-Secretary Essam Mohamed Abdallah this week pledged to fill the gap over the next two years, by building family health units and centres. A fund of the Darfur Regional Authority would finance the construction, including new buildings at the El Fasher hospital. He also pledged to address the provision of equipment and other support to rural hospitals.

File photo: Women shelter in Kalma camp, South Darfur, March 2014 (Albert González Farran/Unamid)


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