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Fertiliser delay threatens agricultural yields in Sudan

August 8 - 2018 EL GEZIRA
A farm in Sudan's El Gezira (File photo: Tim Mckulka)
A farm in Sudan's El Gezira (File photo: Tim Mckulka)

Farmers of El Gezira and El Managil Agricultural Scheme have complained about the delay in the delivery of urea fertiliser for the crops, which may lead to poor productivity in the current agricultural season.

Ahmed Abdelbagi, of the leadership of El Gezira and El Managil Association, told Radio Dabanga that the authorities agreed to hand the fertilisers to the farmers on July 1 without keeping their promise.

He pointed out that the crops of sorghum, cotton, and groundnuts are usually fertilised after the second irrigation and now the crops are not fertilised in the third irrigation phase, which may weaken productivity

He said the fertiliser market prices in the black market are very expensive and uneconomical. The rains and floodwaters have flooded the large agricultural areas of the scheme, which could expose the farmers to great losses.

Abdelbagi said that the surplus of rainwater in the channels of the scheme flooded large areas of the Scheme because of the lack of water organisers in the channels.

He pointed to the great damage concentrated in Fereijab, Goz El Riheid and Goz El Nima.

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