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Families concerned for health of Sudan detainees

February 2 - 2017 KHARTOUM
File photo
File photo

The family of Saeed Abbas Abdelfattah, a teacher at the evangelical school in Omdurman, who has been detained for 45 days, have expressed concerns about his health. Memoranda for release have been submitted by the lawyers of Dr Mudawi Ibrahim, detained by the security apparatus since the beginning of December 2016.

In a statement to human rights organisations, the family of Saeed Abbas Abdelfattah, have appealed for the organisations to stand in solidarity with him, because he is suffering from high blood pressure and stomach pain.

The statement added that the family were allowed to visiting him 45 days after his arrest. They hold the authorities responsible for Abdelfattah’s wellbeing.

Dr Mudawi Ibrahim

On Monday, Lawyer Salwa Absam filed two notes on behalf of the family of Dr Mudawi Ibrahim, his driver Adam El Sheikh, and Nora Obeid, to the Legislation and Human Rights Committee at the Parliament, and the Commission on Human Rights, calling for their release or trial.

The memorandum submitted to the Parliament demanded summoning the security services director about the arrest of Dr Ibrahim and his colleagues, and keeping them in custody without trial.

The memorandum submitted to the Human Rights Commission demands that they be released immediately or charged and brought to without delay.

The memorandum also called on the Human Rights Commission for the appointment of a special prosecutor to inspect the detainees’ prisons and ensure compliance with prison regulations and the rights of those arrested.

The memorandum considered Dr Mudawi and his colleagues’ prolonged detention as a violation of their fundamental rights, and a clear violation of the Interim Constitution and all international covenants and conventions ratified by Sudan.

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