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11 new suspected cholera cases in Central Darfur

February 27 - 2018 NIERTETI
The make-shift isolation ward in Kuweile, east of Nierteti, in mid-February 2018 (RD)
The make-shift isolation ward in Kuweile, east of Nierteti, in mid-February 2018 (RD)

Isolation centres treating people against ‘acute watery diarrhoea’, suspected to be cholera, east of Nierteti in Central Darfur received eleven new cases on Monday. The area witnessed at least 16 deaths in February so far.

A rising number of people have been infected with the disease in the villages of Kuweila, Mara and Korifal since. In the second week of this month, two people died from acute watery diarrhoea in Nierteti Hospital – the symptoms are similar to those of cholera, sources reported.

During this week the first cases appeared in the villages of Kodi and Mara, east of Nierteti town, and spread to other villages, including Kuweila. Last week, an isolation centre was opened at neighbouring Korifal village.

The affected Mara (Moro) and Kuweila (Kwila) villages
The disease spread to Korifal (Kurfal) starting last week (OCHA maps)


On February 11, a medical team formed by the Central Darfur Health Ministry departed from Nierteti to visit the affected villages. Last week the chairwoman of the health committee in the Parliament, Imtithal El Rayah, announced the death of eight people, the infection 140 others and that 34 of them have recovered in the districts of Nierteti. She explained that the areas of infection in the state are concentrated in Mara, Kuweila, Nierteti and Gladwa.

Sources speaking to Radio Dabanga said that at least 200 people have been infected and reported that sixteen people died from the disease in the eastern part of the locality this month.

New cases

A volunteer told this station on Thursday that the isolation centre in Kuweila received four new cases, bringing the total number of patients to nineteen.

In Mara, the isolation ward received five new cases on Monday. 27 people are currently being treated here.

Korifal village received two new ‘acute watery diarrhoea’ patients on Monday in addition to eleven people currently being treated there.

According to the United Nations’ humanitarian office (OCHA) in January this year, a slight increase in acute watery diarrhoea cases was reported during the last week of 2017 and the first week of this year: 46 and 30 new cases respectively were registered.

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