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Eight killed in new clash in Joghana, South Darfur

November 18 - 2016 GIREIDA
Militiamen in El Fasher, capital of North Darfur (Jess Heugel Media)
Militiamen in El Fasher, capital of North Darfur (Jess Heugel Media)

At least eight people were killed, while others have gone missing during clashes between farmers and herdsmen in Gireida locality, South Darfur, last Wednesday night. A demonstration against the violence was dispersed by security forces.

A group of armed herders attempted to enter their camels and livestock by force onto the farms at Demiosei area, south of Gireida. Farmers confronted them, which resulted in a clash in which one of the herdsmen was killed. An unknown number of others sustained injuries.

A resident reported that on Thursday morning, herdsmen driving vehicles and riding horses and camels charged at Demiosei, and killed eight people: Amir Ibrahim Abdelseed, Younis Abdallah Younis, Maaz Mohamed Adam, Santino Mark, Abakar Ismail, Jiddo El Bei Shigaf, Hamad Yagoub, Abdallah Mohamed Hamad.

Among the wounded are Abdallah Saleh Abdallah, Yahya Hamad Ibrahim, Ibrahim Mohamed, Yahya Yagoub Ibrahim, Mustafa Hamza. “Dozens of people have gone missing during the attack,” the resident told Radio Dabanga. “The situation here remains tense.”

For the second time within a week, people in Joghana administrative unit whent out in a demonstration to condemn the incident at Dmiosei. Members of the security service arrived at the protest to disperse it. A number of people were detained, a witness said, including three higher secondary school teachers: Tajeldin Musa, Ahmed Mohamed and Mohamed Haroun Arbab.

The security service already detained a number of school teachers following a demonstration against the repeated militia attacks in Joghana on Thursday 10 November, reportedly because they are accused of organising the protest.

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