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Education, security deteriorates in Sudan's Abbasiya

February 24 - 2017 ABBASIYA
A primary school in Kauda, South Kordofan (Radio Tamazuj)
A primary school in Kauda, South Kordofan (Radio Tamazuj)

Education in South Kordofan's Abbasiya has deteriorated because the locality runs short on teachers, books, and seating material. Insecurity has grown with the spread of arms in market places.

Classes are overcrowded with pupils, several displaced people told Radio Dabanga, where "between 100 to 180 children sit in a classroom on stones".

A listener said that the absence of humanitarian organisations in the region, as the Sudanese government continues t prevent the establishment of camps for displaced people in South Kordofan, does not accommodate the situation. "Also, the areas where some schools are located pose a health risk for the children. There are many bats that cause health problems."

Displaced people reported that the insecurity in the region has grown because of the spread of arms into the hands of militias, pro-government militias and armed groups. The groups and individuals carry their weapons in the weekly markets in Abbasiya, important trading places for agricultural products, which has led residents to reduce movements, a listener said.

Seven herders were killed in Hijerat, near Kadugli, on 10 February. The National Umma Party released a statement this week condemning the incident. "This was an assault on peaceful residents and their property." The perpetrators stole over a hundred cows from the herders.

The opposition party stated it will send a delegation to the families of the victims to offer their condolences. "The Umma Party demands from the authorities to return the stolen livestock to their owners and cooperate in the investigation."


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