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Economist questions Sudan govt. commitment to fight corruption as new NISS unit opens

August 1 - 2018 KHARTOUM
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File photo

Sudanese economist Dr Sidgi Kaballo has accused the government of not being serious in fighting corruption and holding officials accountable – remarks in reaction to President Omar Al Bashir’s official opening the offices of a newly established anti-corruption unit of the National Security and Intelligence Service (NISS)

In an interview with Radio Dabanga, Kaballo warned against “taking the fight against corruption as an excuse to settle the disputes between the conflicting currents in the ruling National Congress Party (NCP)”.

He demanded that all NCP leaders and the government be subject to investigation under the law of illegal wealth. He called for presenting the corrupt to public trials, implementation of the Rule of Law and first-hand announcement of the results of the investigations.

In addition, Kaballo called for transparency in dealing with public money, management of national economy and public affairs; that the fight against corruption could not take place in the light of the restrictions on freedom of the press and media, the absence of a genuine democratic system, an elected parliament and independence of the judiciary.

Climate of mistrust

He said that corruption has created a climate of mistrust in the Sudanese economy, which has led to the reluctance of foreign investment based on the Rule of Law, equality before the law and equal opportunities for competition in tenders.

He stressed that corruption in its broad sense includes the government’s empowerment policy by appointing employees on the basis of partisan and tribal affiliation.

He explained that the correct approach to fighting corruption is the return of professional public service employees who have been dismissed for political reasons.

He expressed surprise at the subordination of the corruption investigations unit to the security apparatus, rather than the formation of a national committee with the participation of representatives of the various parties.

MPs’ Alliance for Change

According to the chairman of the independent MPs’ Alliance for Change, Abulgasim Burtom, the way out of the current economic crisis is for the NCP to give- up the ruling of the country after the outbreak of corruption and the decay of the body of the state.

He said, “The economic crisis in Sudan has reached unprecedented phase because of the government policies’ of handing over the management to unqualified and incompetent figures.

He said that all this has led to unprecedented economic failure and chaos in the markets.

He called for restructuring the state, rearranging of the civil service and combatting corruption

Opening ceremony

On Monday evening, President Omar Al Bashir opened the headquarters of the Corruption Crimes Investigation Commission, a newly established NISS unit.

The opening ceremony was attended by Chief Justice Heidar Dafallah, NISS director Salah Abdallah (aka Salah Gosh) and Sudan’s attorney-general, Omar Ahmed Mohamed.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Al Bashir said he was concerned with fighting corruption as “a mite that bites the state and society and creates parasitic layers”.

“By establishing this integrated unit, which includes representatives of the various organs of the state, we can be assured of guarding public funds,” he said.

Chief Justice

The Chief Justice inaugurated the Court for Corruption Crimes and Public Money Violations, the official Sudan News Agency (SUNA) reports.

The Deputy Chief Justice, Mahjoub AL-Amin Al-Fekki, pointed out that inauguration of the court marks a big step for realizing justice and implementing the strategy of the judicial authority in the qualitative and specialized work.

He said that the court will play a great role in supporting justice and protecting the public money.

Salafist preacher detained

Yesterday the security services in Khartoum arrested Dr Mohamed Ali El Jazouli, and transferred him to an unknown destination.

The arrest of Salafist preacher El Jazouli was carried out after he said on Friday that he had received threats from a relative of President Omar Al Bashir to extradite him to America as an Islamic State leader, after he had publicly rejected the renewal for Al Bashir in the 2020 elections.

He said: “The threats are the greatest evidence of the rejection of the renewal for Al Bashir, who has turned Sudan into a kingdom with his family members…”.

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