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Eastern Sudan’s Kassala still short of bread

September 24 - 2017 KASSALA
A bakery in Khartoum (file photo)
A bakery in Khartoum (file photo)

The bread crisis in Aroma and Halfa El Jadeeda in eastern Sudan’s Kassala has entered its second month.

“More than half of the bakeries in the town have closed their doors because of the lack of flour,” a resident of Halfa El Jadeeda told Radio Dabanga.

“We are still lining-up for hours in front of those bakeries that are still open, often without being able to get enough loaves of bread.”

He criticised the authorities for “still being silent”.

In Aroma, the price of a loaf of bread at the black market has risen from SDG 0.5 to SDG 0.7 ($ 0.10), a listener reported.

He said that the Economic Department of the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) recently cut the daily flour quota to the bakeries from 200 kg to 100 kg.

“Large number of seasonal workers arrived in the locality for the harvest, which is exacerbating the situation,” he said.

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