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'Eastern Sudan neglected by Khartoum': Beja Congress

January 8 - 2016 PORT SUDAN
A donkey cart providing drinking water in Port Sudan (
A donkey cart providing drinking water in Port Sudan (

The eastern Sudanese Beja Congress has accused 'certain entities' in the government of undermining the water transportation project from the Nile to the Red Sea state.

“Large parts of Port Sudan are short of drinking water despite the winter, let alone the situation in the summer,” prominent Beja Congress leader Abdallah Mousa told Radio Dabanga.

“This water project is vital for Port Sudan, and not very difficult to implement,” he stated. “The technical studies for the project were completed years ago.”


He pointed to the reluctance of the authorities to start the project which will provide six towns in the Red Sea state with drinking water. “This is what we call neglect and marginalisation.”

The opposition leader demanded from Khartoum “to change its attitude of providing development and services to certain provinces only”.

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