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Dutch government restricts export trucks to Sudan

September 9 - 2015 AMSTERDAM
Former German army trucks in Sudan being imported from the Netherlands in 2011-2013 (Photo: Courtesy VPRO)
Former German army trucks in Sudan being imported from the Netherlands in 2011-2013 (Photo: Courtesy VPRO)

Former army trucks will require a special export license from the government of the Netherlands. The Dutch government wants to change its policy after Germany complained about the Dutch exporting trucks to Sudan.

The trucks were ending up with the Sudanese army in the war in the Nuba Mountains. The Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade, Lilianne Ploumen, told the parliament that exporting trucks to Sudan was “not desirable”, even after the former German army trucks were stripped from all their military devices.

In a letter to the parliament she confirmed that the Netherlands will follow the German regulations of exporting former army trucks. The Netherlands do not consider the trucks as military equipment, but the Germans do. In that case, it will fall under the European arms embargo for Sudan.

The Dutch Minister changed her policies after a Dutch radio programme uncovered a letter from the Germans, urging the Dutch not to export army trucks if they were originating from Germany. In the event the Dutch would not restrict the export, the Germans threatened to even stop selling used army trucks to Dutch car sellers.

A small arms survey in Sudan has revealed pictures of German army trucks used by the Sudanese army in its battle against the armed rebel movements and the civilian population in South Kordofan. The cars were sold by a Dutch company.

Radio Dabanga published these pictures that proved that the trucks are stickered with the emblem of Dutch car seller Van Vliet Trucks, and that they are being used in the war in Sudan.

Meanwhile, the Dutch industry organisation Trucks & Trailers is furious about the blockade of several trucks, that currently wait to be shipped. On its website, the organisation fiercely denies any evidence that its trucks have been sold to Sudan. The organisation announced to claim the financial damage from the government and wants the cars to be released as soon as possible.

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Germany restrict Dutch export after providing army trucks to Sudan (25 June 2015)

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