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Dozens of university students remain in NISS detention

July 29 - 2012 Khartoum

Dozens of university students are still detained by the NISS (National Intelligence and Security Services) for more than three weeks now. The students were arrested during demonstrations on Friday 6th of July, also known as “Wanderers Friday”.

A student who knows the detainees told Radio Dabanga that his fellow students were arrested by NISS associates from public transport over three weeks ago. They were taken to a destination unknown to them as well as to their families. Lawyers nor families are allowed to speak to the detained students and no trial has taken place so far.

The student mentioned that among the detainees are: Musa Abdullah from the Faculty of Commerce of Neelain University, Naser El-Deen Adam from the Faculty of Arts of Neelain University, Jamal El-Deen Adam Ahmed from the Faculty of Commerce of Neelain University, Khalfallah Ali Abshar from the Faculty of Agriculture, Fahd Annan and Abd El-Azeem Haider, both graduates of the Faculty of Agriculture, and Abadher El-Omer Abi Abd El-Rahman from the Veterinary College. He called upon the student activists as well as human rights organizations to pressure the regime for the release of all detained students or to bring them to court as soon as possible.

On the other hand, Nemaan Adam said that all detainees in the town of Kosti were held on NISS premises and were forced by elements of the NISS to sit in an uncomfortable seat in the sun, facing the wall for more than ten hours. She pointed out that there are dozens of Darfuri's held by the NISS in Kosti. They are exposed to many different forms of torture, cruelties and ill-treatment. Nemaan said the NISS arrested her for inciting students to demonstrate and for writing about the issues of the poor and needy, and the impoverishment of the people by the ruling party adding that her arrest now entered the second week.

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