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Darfur displaced reject opposition-junta agreement

July 12 - 2019 KALMA
Women and children at Kalma camp for the displaced near Nyala, South Darfur (file photo)
Women and children at Kalma camp for the displaced near Nyala, South Darfur (file photo)

The Darfur Displaced General Coordination (DDGC) rejects the agreement reached between the Alliance for Freedom and Change and the Transitional Military Council. The Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) coalition of armed movements did not accept the agreement earlier this month either.

In a statement on Thursday, the Darfur Displaced and Refugees General Coordination described the agreement as “flawed in form and content”. The contents “betray the revolution and the blood of the martyrs”, and are “a desperate attempt to sustain the rule of the National Congress Party” of former President Omar Al Bashir, who was ousted on April 11.

“The aim of this agreement is also to block the realisation of the goals of the revolution: to bring down the regime, prosecute its criminals, achieve freedom, peace and justice, establish a civilian-led government, resolve the civil wars in the country and restore the rights of displaced people and refugees.”

The statement said that the agreement made clear that the Sudanese living in the peripheries are not involved in state decisions.

Heavy price

The Darfur displaced and refugees, who have already paid a heavy price, “will not accept semi-solutions and compromises”.

“We, the displaced and the refugees, are among the most oppressed people in Sudan. We have been subjected to genocide, ethnic cleansing, rape, displacement and expulsion from our lands. We have been living with the crimes committed by the regime and its Janjaweed for more than 18 years. What happened in Darfur during the past two decades is murder and sheer brutality, something that did not happen in Khartoum and the rest of Sudan. Yet we resisted and resisted, and did not break, because we fully believe that change and freedom and dignity have a price, and must be achieved, whatever the difficulties and challenges.”

The statement called on “all young people and women of the true revolution and all the Sudanese people to continue the revolution until it achieves its goals of changing the bloody regime of Omar Al Bashir, liquidating its institutions, prosecuting its symbols, restoring the Rule of Law, retrieving the money stolen from the people and guaranteeing the return of millions of displaced people and refugees”.

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