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Displaced man murdered, another ‘beaten, tortured’ in Darfur

January 26 - 2017 GIREIDA / TABIT
File photo
File photo

Abdullah Zakaria of camp Foreca was allegedly subjected to severe beating and torture by military intelligence agents after he was detained in Gireida locality, South Darfur on Tuesday.

Witnesses told Radio Dabanga that military intelligence agents and police officers arrived at the house of Mohamed Zakaria at camp Foreca in two vehicles onTuesday afternoon.

“When they did not find Mohammed Zakaria, they detained his brother Abdullah Zakaria. They beat and tortured him before his release – in poor health – on Wednesday afternoon.


Jiddo Norein El Tahir was fatally wounded by herders south of Tabit in North Darfur on Wednesday.

A relative of the victim told Radio Dabanga that three militant camel herders intercepted three people who were on their way back to Tabit after collecting straw. The herders demanded the people give them the straw they had collected. Jiddo Norein refused to do so, so they shot him.

Norein was transferred to El Fasher hospital in a serious condition, where he later died of is injuries.

In a separate incident on Wednesday morning, four herders assaulted and beat three women who were on their way to Hashaba village, six kilometres  south of Tabit, after collecting straw. The herders than set fire to the straw that was being carried on the backs of donkeys.

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