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Displaced leave Darfur's besieged Sese camp

October 21 - 2016 MURNEI
Farmer in Darfur (file photo)
Farmer in Darfur (file photo)

People in a West Darfur camp for displaced people have moved away from the area as militiamen repeatedly attacked them on their farms, during a siege that lasted for more than two weeks. State authorities have written an accord to maintain peace.

Several times this month, residents of Sese camp in Kereinik locality who went out to farm were beaten by members of a paramilitary force and militant herders. A displaced man was shot dead. Now the Governor of West Darfur and the Sultan of the Masalit tribe, Saad Bahreldin, have intervened to convince the displaced people not to move away.

One of the Sheikhs in the camp, north of Murnei, told Radio Dabanga that on Tuesday, Governor Bahreldin and representatives of security and military organs visited Sese. They met with camp leaders and vowed to oblige the herders and paramilitary groups not to attack the displaced people, and leave their property or farms at peace. Herdsmen have been obliged not to let their cattle graze on the farms until the harvest ends.

The state authorities also promised to protect the displaced people in the streets and markets. An accord for peaceful coexistence was signed in which the parties pledged to maintain security, social peace and the protection of life and property, the Sheikh told Radio Dabanga.

Both the Governor of West Darfur and the Masalit sultan then vowed to provide and maintain security and stability in the area.

Earlier this month, three women from Sese camp were left in critical condition after being repeatedly raped and severely beaten by militiamen. The attackers released their camels to graze on the farms of the displaced.

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