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‘Difficult to obtain food’ in West Kordofan

April 5 - 2016 LAGAWA / MUGLAD
Vegetable market in El Obeid, North Kordofan (file photo)
Vegetable market in El Obeid, North Kordofan (file photo)

Residents who live in rebel-controlled areas in West Kordofan are prohibited from doing shopping at the Lagawa market. Bakers in El Muglad started a strike against the reduced flour quota on Sunday.

Earlier this week, the security forces in Lagawa prevented residents from Tulushi, Tema, and Wali from purchasing basic necessities, medicines, and gasoline from the market, under the pretext of their presence in areas controlled by the SPLM-North.

In addition, the security authorities have rationed the amount of consumer goods through issuing market permits in Lagawa.

On Sunday, bakeries in El Muglad in West Kordofan entered into a general strike, causing a more severe bread shortage in the town. A bakery owner explained that started the strike because of their financial losses that have been caused by the reduction of flour quantities allocated to them.

A number of residents confirmed that the bread prices in El Muglad once again soared. In January, people in West Kordofan witnessed a lack of bread for days when the flour distribution company failed to send the required flour quota for the month.

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