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Deadly robbery, abduction in West and North Darfur

May 2 - 2017 DALMANJA / TAWILA
(file photo)
(file photo)

A man was killed in a robbery in West Darfur on Monday. Militiamen abducted a merchant in Tawila locality on Saturday.

Arbab Suleiman was murdered in his house in Dalmanja, West Darfur, on Monday morning. A relative of Suleiman told Radio Dabanga that three gunmen stormed his house and shot him dead. He said that the motives for the attack are unknown.

In Tarni, in North Darfur's Tawila locality, militiamen abducted merchant Adam Hari Hussein on Saturday. Omda Mukhtar Bosh told Radio Dabanga that the attackers took Hussein while he was on his way from Fanga in East Jebel Marra back to Tawila.

“They rode four camels and a donkey, and took him to an unknown destination.” A local rescue team went out looking for Hussein but could not find him.

At the beginning of April, the handcuffed bodies of seven nomads, who had been kidnapped by cattle thieves in March, were found shot dead in Khazan Tunjur in Tawila locality.

Trucks with families

Meanwhile, Omda Mukhtar Bosh reported that a truck carrying a number of families from Kabkabiya and Saraf Omra arrived, guarded by militants in six Land Cruisers mounted with Dushka machine guns. The convoy stayed at Kulgi, south of Tawila, on Wednesday.

Bosh said the militants sent the locals away and prevented them from collecting straw, firewood or fetching water. “They said that Kulgi has become liberated and warned them not to return to collect straw, firewood or go to farming.”

Last weekend a local source in Gallab, West Darfur, reported to Radio Dabanga that “Militant foreigners who arrived in the past years threatened to beat and kill anyone who goes out to collect straw and firewood or cultivate their lands”. Militant foreigners had arrived in Gallab together with lorries carrying their families.

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