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Deadly rebel reprisal for North Darfur village attacks

May 31 - 2017 EIN SIRO
File photo: Rebel fighters in Darfur
File photo: Rebel fighters in Darfur

The opposition Transitional Council of Nimir leadership (SLM-TC) claims that it repulsed an attack yesterday by the government forces and militias against civilians in Ein Siro area in North Darfur.

On Saturday Dereij Adam Abdallah, the spokesman of the Transitional Council told Radio Dabanga that the movement’s forces clashed with the government forces and their militias north and west of Ein Siro.

He said the movement’s forces killed 16 government troops and militia and wounded more than 25 others, including the commander of the government forces named El Sadig Tin.

He said the fighting came in response to militia targeting of civilians, stealing their property and burning at least eight villages.

The humanitarian situation of the people of Ein Siro who fled to the mountains is dire as the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) continued to pursue and assault them on Tuesday.

Yesterday the Omda of Ein Siro, Abdallah Ishag, told Radio Dabanga that a number of people in east Ferning area were killed by the RSF on Monday and Tuesday, this in addition to beating them and stealing their property and food.

Death toll

He explained that they have begun conducting inventory of the numbers of victims.

He explained the rise of number of wounded at Ferning area who were shot by rapid support forces to nine people after two more were found on Tuesday. Five people are still missing.

Omda Ishag said that the people of Ein Siro who have been displaced to the mountains and lagoons are living in poor humanitarian conditions.

He pointed out that some of them have not eaten for days, and that they rely on water from wadis.

He appealed to International organisations to intervene immediately to save them from the RSF.

Witnesses told Radio Dabanga that the RSF continue to steal from the houses, control the water sources and torture and beat people.

They appealed to Unamid and international organisations to visit the area to assess the security and humanitarian situation.

In Khartoum MP Siham Hassan has condemned the attacks on unarmed civilians in the areas of Ein Siro, North and East Darfur that left a number of casualties and wounded unarmed people, in addition to the destruction of water sources, burning of villages and money and property theft.


Yesterday she said in an interview with Radio Dabanga the war in Ein Siro and the western Kutum mountains has continued.

She urged both sides to respect the rights of civilians during the fighting.

She also appealed to humanitarian organisations to act immediately to rescue the people who have fled to the mountains.

MP Hassan of the Liberation and Justice Movement condemned the statements made by the Governor of East Darfur Anas Omar that the bodies of the dead of the armed movements should not be buried and described them as irresponsible and representing a clear violation of religious and moral values ​​and incompatible with the Sudanese and humanitarian norms.

She has appealed to the presidency to take an immediate decision on these statements.

Also she has condemned the publication of photos and videos of the hostages and considered that as a blatant violation of international treaties and their rights.

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