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Darfuri refugees in CAR and Chad in dire need

February 25 - 2014 BEMBERE / TOULOUM

The refugees of the Bembere camp in the Central African Republic (CAR) are living in extremely difficult humanitarian, health, and security conditions. Since relief organisations have left because of the insecurity in the country, the Bembere refugees are suffering from a shortage of food and medicines.

Abdel Rahman Ismail, the head of the Bembere camp, told Radio Dabanga that the organisations working in the camp left when the armed conflict erupted in the country. “We have not received aid or food for more than two months. And we cannot leave the camp anymore because of the rampant insecurity."

He demanded via Radio Dabanga for the UNHCR to intervene “as soon as possible”, and provide food and medicines to the camp residents, and move them to another country.

Eastern Chad

The refugees of the Touloum, Ardemi, and Um Nabag refugee camps in eastern Chad have complained of poor health services at the medical centres of the camps and a shortage of medicines.

Speaking to Radio Dabanaga, the head of Touloum camp, Haidar Suleiman Gadria, said that the refugees of Touloum, Ardemi, and Um Nabag camps are suffering from a lack of medicines. They cannot afford to buy medicines from the regular pharmacies. There is also a shortage of health personnel, especially midwives. The work of the national health organisation working in the camps is limited to the camps only. When refugees are transferred to a hospital in Abéché, they find difficulty in registering at the reception, seeing doctors, or receiving treatment.

Gadria appealed to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Chadian National Committee for the Reception of Refugees to improve the health services, provide affordable medicines, and follow up referred patients.

File photo: Touloum camp, eastern Chad


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