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Darfur Women Journalists conference begins in Zalingei

January 11 - 2022 ZALINGEI
Lubna Abdallah, head of the Sudanese Women Journalists (File photo)
Lubna Abdallah, head of the Sudanese Women Journalists (File photo)

The activities of the first Darfur Women Journalists conference kicked off in Zalingei, Central Darfur, on Monday in in partnership with the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), under the slogan “Together to raise the voice of patriotism and peaceful coexistence”.

Lubna Abdallah, head of the Sudanese Women Journalists, said that the aim of the conference is to identify the challenges facing the performance of Sudanese female journalists, calling on the responsible government agencies to support the recommendations that the conference will come up with.

She explained that female journalists in the centre and the states continued to suffer from marginalisation and exploitation by the editorial administrations, in addition to the lack of job promotion for female journalists and their absence from participating in the editor-in-chief, unlike only four female journalists who occupied this position during several centuries ago.

Sheimaa Haren, head of the Sudanese Women Journalists in Central Darfur, said that the conference will discuss a number of themes, most notably the challenges facing female journalists and the mechanism for finding solutions to them, and discuss issues of women’s advocacy and the role of Sudanese women journalists in the field of peace building.

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