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Darfur rebels kill dozens government troops

September 28 - 2012 EAST JEBEL MARRA

Adam Saleh Abkar, spokesman of SLM-Minnawi announced that joint rebel troops killed and injured dozens Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) soldiers and pro-government militia troops. The clashes took place between Tabit and Shangil Tobai, East Jebel Marra, North Darfur, on Thursday, 27 September.

Onlookers said that a fierce battle between the SAF, supported by pro-government militias, and the Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) began at 5:30pm on Thursday and lasted until sunset. They added that both sides used heavy weapons.

Residents told Radio Dabanga the clashes took place around the areas of Arasho and Tangara, located between Tabit and Shangil Tobai.

Eye-witnesses near the battlefield, reported seeing clouds of smoke and government jet fighters flying above the area, what caused much panic among residents.

Joint troops

Adam Saleh Abkar further told Radio Dabanga that joint troops of SLM-Minnawi, Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) and SLM-Abdel Wahid fought together.

He said that besides killing and injuring dozens, they also completely destroyed 180 vehicles belonging to the SAF and to pro-government militias.

Abkar asserted that the attacks from Thursday are a revenge for all civilians who died in East Jebel Marra and in Hashaba recently.

He stressed that both areas of Tabit and Shangil Tobai are currently under control of the SRF, who is now on its way to these towns where the government has militiary bases. Abkar added that several SAF and pro-government militia troops fled to Tabit and Shangil Tobai.

The spokesman reported that the government suffered heavy losses and that the SRF is still counting the number of bodies and military equipment they seized.

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