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Darfur governors to restore rule of law, social fabric

August 3 - 2015 EL FASHER / NYALA / EL GENEINA
An aerial view of a village in Darfur (Mia Farrow)
An aerial view of a village in Darfur (Mia Farrow)

The governor of North Darfur announced plans to set up an internal dialogue to restore the social fabric in the state. Security forces in South Darfur are continuing their campaign against violators of the law. In West Darfur, a forum started on Saturday to discuss the “challenges in the development of the state”.

Following the formation of the new North Darfur government which consists of eight Ministers and 21 Commissioners, Governor Abdelwahid Yousef told the press in the state capital of El Fasher on Saturday that his priority lies with restoring the rule of law.

Yousef said that “the law will be strictly enforced,” stressing he would not tolerate “any outlaw to play havoc in the state”. He added that an internal dialogue will be set up “to enhance reconciliation processes and strengthen the social fabric in North Darfur”.

‘Unprecedented high degree of stability’

Adam El Faki, governor of South Darfur, said in a press conference on Saturday that “dozens of outlaws and criminals” were arrested lately.

El Faki said that “the stringent security measures his government has taken, have contributed to an unprecedented high degree of stability” in South Darfur. He added that the committee tasked with the inventory of those who carry arms ownerswill continue its work in the rest of the state.

West Darfur

On Saturday, members of more than 20 political parties and civil society groups attended the opening of a forum, organised by the West Darfur government in the capital of El Geneina to discuss the “challenges in the development of the state”.

The initiative aims to develop “a comprehensive reform plan, based on a united political vision, to realise stability and development in the interest of the citizens”, the governor of West Darfur State, Khalil Abdallah Mohamed,told the press after the opening.

He stressed that the West Darfur authorities will “continue to cooperate with all groups in the state, even with those rejecting cooperation”.

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