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Darfur dengue update: 118 deaths, decline expected

November 17 - 2015 KHARTOUM
A patient in a hospital bed with protection against mosquitoes in West Darfur (WHO)
A patient in a hospital bed with protection against mosquitoes in West Darfur (WHO)

More than 381 people in Darfur have been infected and 118 others have died of dengue fever over the past four months, a health official said on Monday.

The Sudanese state’s Health Minister, however, expects a decrease in the number of suspected dengue cases, saying that the region may be declared free of the fever “within three weeks”.

Sumia Idris briefed the National Parliament about the situation in Darfur on Monday. She said that up to Friday 13 November, the state with the highest number of reported cases was West Darfur (268) followed by Central Darfur (53), North Darfur (43), East Darfur (11), and South Darfur (6).

Idris told the Sudanese legislators that her Ministry has dispatched medical teams to the region and provided technical support there. “The dengue fever has no specific medical treatment so far but efforts are focused on the preventive measures to combat the transmission of the disease.”

The Health Minister in West Darfur has already attributed a decrease in the number of reported infections to an intensive spraying campaign against mosquitoes, the vectors of the fever.

Speaking to the media after a meeting with the Sudanese President on Monday, federal Minister of Health, Bahar Idris Abu Garda, said: “President Omar Al Bashir has directed to provide the needed services through the comprehensive health coverage.”

(Source Sudan Tribune)

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