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Darfur crime overview: Villagers shot, stabbed

October 19 - 2015 GIREIDA / NIERTETI / KUTUM

An overview of recent crimes that were committed in the Darfur region and reported to Radio Dabanga.

South Darfur

Two sisters were seriously injured in an attack by gunmen in Gireida locality on Tuesday 13 October. Fatima (35) and Halima (32) Abdelmahmoud were shot in Wadi Nabagaya, west of Gireida town, a relative of the victims reported to Radio Dabanga.

“They were on their way back from Hashaba village to Gireida in the early evening, when gunmen fired at them and robbed them of their food and donkey cart,” he said. Both victims were transferred in critical condition to Gireida hospital.

In a village west of Gireida, two displaced farmers were injured in an attack by militiamen on Friday evening 16 October. “When we returned from our farms on Friday evening, about ten militiamen on horses and camels opened fire,” a villager in Eidan reported to Radio Dabanga.

“Ali Mohamed Ahmed and Adam Mohamed Ahmed were injured, and had to be taken to Gireida Hospital for treatment.”

Central Darfur

Three people were stabbed near Nierteti, on Wednesday 14 October. A relative of one of the victims told Radio Dabanga that members of a pro-government militia attacked two women on their farms in Wadi Faw, two kilometres south of Nierteti.

“They stabbed Alawiya Mohamed Shogar five times. Halima Ali Arbab sustained four stab wounds. We transferred them to Nierteti Hospital in critical condition.” He said that the same militiamen stabbed Adam Osman in the area of Baruru on Thursday. “He was transferred to Nierteti hospital in a coma.”

North Darfur

A resident of Fata Borno camp for the displaced in Kutum locality was injured in a shooting by a militiaman on Wednesday 14 October. Speaking to Radio Dabanga, a neighbour reported that “a militiaman suddenly fired at Mustafa Abaker Seebo (30) near his shelter at about 8 pm.”

She said that after Seebo was hit in his leg, the attacker robbed him of his belongings and fled. The victim was transferred to Kutum hospital for treatment.

That same day, seven people were killed and six others wounded in an inter-clan firefight in the area of Hashaba in Kutum locality. A listener reported that a dispute between members of the Awlad Rashdan clan led to “heavy shooting”. He said that the Commander of the paramilitary Border Guards in El Gubba intervened and contained the situation.

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