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Darfur crime overview: Twelve people killed in attacks

December 13 - 2016 DARFUR
(file photo)
(file photo)

Twelve people were killed in separate incidents in Darfur on Sunday and Monday. The attacks, hijacks and robberies resulted in the theft of livestock and a total SDG200,000 ($30,566), witnesses reported to Radio Dabanga.

Gireida, South Darfur

Militiamen killed three people and wounded four others in Gireida, near the Foreika camp for displaced people, on Monday night.

The attackers arrived on camels. When people tried to stop them from stealing 40 goats, they fired and killed El Deiy Shiguf, his son Hasan Shiguf, and Bakhit Adam. El Fadil Yagoub, Ishag Abdel Rahim, Dahiya Adam and Adam Haneen sustained injuries.

On Sunday, armed men attacked farms at Haidoub area near Gireida. Five farmers were wounded when the perpetrators stole their money, four donkeys, and two horses.

Murnei, West Darfur

A 19-year-old woman, Yahya Hamid, who enrolled in higher secondary school, was shot dead by gunmen on her way from Tanoko to Murnei camp for displaced people. A source in the area also reported that in Azerni, Ishag Haji Abdallah was killed on his farm on Monday. More details about both incidents are currently not known.

In another incident in West Darfur, gunmen whom witnesses claimed to belong to militias, hijacked a commercial vehicle with passengers on the road from El Geneina to Jebel Moon. They have fled to an unknown destination.

Mukjar, Central Darfur

In a dispute between locals in Artala, Mukjar locality, at least four people were killed and an unknown number of people have been wounded. A listener told Radio Dabanga that the situation in Artala is tense: “People from both sides have gathered in the area. It's a threatening disaster.”

Their dispute started on 8 December, he said, and has so far not been resolved. A reconciliation delegation has arrived from Dumbo Kabdi to intervene. In Dumbo Kabdi, two brothers named Ahmed and Jarelnabi Mohamed Zein were killed in a quarrel earlier this week.

Nierteti, Central Darfur

Militiamen killed Adam Yagoub Mohamed who was outside fetching firewood in Rokoro in the western Jebel Marra mountains on Sunday. Seven others were wounded.

A witness from Nierteti said that the attackers stole mobile phones, money, and seven donkeys from the victims who were on their way from shopping in Nierteti.

Kutum, North Darfur

In an attack on the Dor market in Kutum locality, one person was killed by gunmen on Monday. Money and goods worth more than SDG190,000 ($29,040) were stolen.

The Member of Parliament for Karnoi, Um Baru and El Tina localities told Radio Dabanga that the attackers arrived at the weekly market in ten Land Cruisers. A guard of the native administration office, Abdelnabi Mohamed, was killed. Four people, including Zahra and Mohamed Ibrahim Eisa, and Saleh Mohamed Adam, were wounded, according to MP Ahmed Mohamed Digeish.

He reported that the attackers stole SDG76,000 in cash as well as goods worth more than SDG120,000. The police has not been able to catch the perpetrators.

Dar El Salaam, North Darfur

The 28-year-old Idris Abdallah Elias was killed by a herder on his farm in Dar El Salaam on Sunday evening. A witness told Radio Dabanga that a group of armed herders entered their camels onto his farm. Elias was shot dead by one of the herders while trying to chase the camels out.

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