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Darfur Bar Assoc: ‘Detained NUP leader and others transferred to Central Darfur capital’

January 31 - 2018 ZALINGEI
Darfur Bar Association
Darfur Bar Association

The Darfur Bar Association (DBA) says it has received confirmed information that detained Dr Ibrahim El Amin, Co-Vice-President of the National Umma Party, with other leaders has been transferred to Zalingei prison in Central Darfur since Friday.

Yesterday the DBA said in a statement that the authorities have not yet informed his family about the reason for his arrest and his transfer to Zalingei.

The DBA described in its statement the transfer of some of the leaders of the national forces to the prisons of Zalingei and Shala as a failed attempt to circumvent the popular and public tide which stresses the regime’s helplessness and weakness in the face of the revolutionary tide creeping towards achieving the demands of the Sudanese people to restore the country from the tyranny.

The statement also stressed that the transfer of El Amin and other leaders of the national forces to the prisons of Zalingei and Shala aimed at disrupting the public opinion, the families of the detainees, the marches and rallies organised throughout the country.

‘Pre-emptive detentions’

On Tuesday the security authorities detained Abdelrahim El Sanjak, Chairman of the Arab Baath Socialist Party and member of the National Consensus Forces. He join a long list of hundreds of detainees, headed by political party leaders including Mohamed Mukhtar El Khateeb, Secretary-General of the Communist Party of Sudan, and Omar El Digeir, President of the Sudanese Congress Party.

On Monday, the security authorities arrested Azhari Ali, Chairman of the National Unionist Movement. The Secretary-General of the Republican Party, Haidar El Safi, was also held.

Observers described the arrests as a prelude to the peaceful salvation march at El Shaabi Square in Khartoum North today.

Opposition party leaders in detention are reportedly subject to physical torture while some suffer from chronic diseases, a spokesman for the Sudanese Communist Party claimed following witness reports.


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