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Darfur armed movements participate in Kufra conference

January 9 - 2010 KUFRA

Libyan authorities have started preparing for the Kufra conference through the transfer of representatives of some movements from Darfur to Libya via Chad. This is part of the efforts by Libya to unify the movements before the start of the upcoming negotiations in Doha. The UNAMID mission in Darfur has also played a role in providing logistical support and moving delegations of armed groups from three points in Darfur to Abeche in Chad.

In two days the mission airlifted almost 95 leaders from Darfur including 39 commanders of SLM-Siddiq Massalit faction headed by Ishaq Ahmed Omar from Sango, southern Rodoum in South Darfur. Airlift operations also included SLM of Khamis Abbakar and SLM-Collective leadership of Ali Mukhtar; the two delegations were lifted from Dar Nada, South of El Geneina and Marahik near El Fasher. The Libyan aircrafts will take over the transfer of the groups to Libya.

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