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Corruption by Ministry officials: public board in Sudan

May 13 - 2016 KHARTOUM
The building of the Sudanese Ministry of Justice (SUNA)
The building of the Sudanese Ministry of Justice (SUNA)

Significant financial corruption and violations occurred at the hands of a number of high-ranking government officials with the Sudanese Central Bank and the Customs Authority, according to a report by the public grievance board.

Following the announcement this week, the Sudanese security has ordered newspapers to refrain from writing about the board's revealing report.

The findings showed that the former Adviser to the Ministry of Justice, currently Undersecretary, Ahmed Abbas Risam, and Chancellor Nawal Abdullah have received salaries from the investment apparatus of the Sudanese social security. The salaries amounted to SDG110,400 ($18,040) and SDG96,000 ($15,680).

The public grievances board reported financial violations by the Agricultural Bank in financing agent Saad Osman Mohamed Ahmed, a member of the board of directors.

The board complained that the Ministries of Defence, Finance, Interior and Judiciary have failed to cooperate with the Sudanese Court, under the pretext of confidentiality of the information. The law protects them from the disclosure of information.

Sudan was ranked among the lowest five countries in the '2015 Corruption Perceptions Index' by Transparency International. The Index measures the perceived levels of public sector corruption.

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