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Continued clashes between SRF and Sudanese army

September 10 - 2012 EAST JEBEL MARRA

According to sources from East Jebel Marra, clashes between the Sudanese army and Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) troops have been ongoing since Friday September 7. East Jebel Marra residents said the fighting was concentrated around El-Aradib El-Ashara area, which is now under SRF control.

A resident told Radio Dabanga that government forces were able to evacuate 85 bodies and 25 injured soldiers in large trucks. The resident disclosed that the troops forced the area's residents to assist them in lifting the bodies onto the trucks.

He added that a number of injured soldiers were not evacuated yet and that a number of the injured soldiers are minors (16 and 17 year olds). Some of the underage soldiers are suffering from mental illness and wander around the area, the resident added to Radio Dabanga from East Jebel Marra.

El-Aradib El-Ashara

SRF confirmed they are in control of El-Aradib El-Ashara area as well as defeating government forces in Khazzan Tunjur area. Adam Saleh, official spokesperson of SLM-Minnawi, denied the Sudanese army's claim that 32 SRF soldiers were killed and ten of their cars were destroyed in East Jebel Marra.

He described the announcements as “intended to cover up the government forces' defeat in East Jebel Marra”. “There are no fatal victims among SRF troops, only eight soldiers were injured during the clashes”, Saleh emphasized to Radio Dabanga from the field.

South Kordofan

SRF in South Kordofan announced on Saturday September 8 that they managed to defeat government troops in the 'Kilo 50' area, between El-Dibab and El-Muglad. Mohamed Belil Eissa Zayyed, a SRF member (belonging to JEM), said to Radio Dabanga: “Yesterday SRF clashed with government troops in 'Kilo 50' area, located between El-Dibab and El-Muglad”.

The clashes resulted in significant losses so far.

SRF troops deployment in South Kordofan

On the other hand, Belil announced the deployment of 17 troops in the western part of South Kordofan. The deployed troops consist of SRF (belonging to JEM) elements and are led by South Kordofan residents to end the injustice and marginalization in the region. Belil explained that SRF is fighting the National Congress Party (NCP) to reinstate the rights of South Kordofan's people. He appealed to the people to cooperate with SRF to overthrow the regime.

Nuba Mountains

From Nuba Mountains SRF (belonging to SPLM-N) announced defeating government troops and militias attempting to occupy the villages of Dloka and Daldako South and northeast of Kadugli city on Friday September 8. Arnu Ngutolo Lodi, official spokesperson SPLM, told Radio Dabanga that the SLA killed nine government soldiers in the battle, including a first lieutenant and injuring 25 other government soldiers. Ngutolo Lodi said SLA seized a number of weapons and ammunition during the clashes.

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