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Cold wave kills in Jebel Marra, robbery in North Darfur

February 27 - 2017 JEBEL MARRA / KUTUM
Displaced hiding in Caves western Jebel Marra in February 2016 (RD)
Displaced hiding in Caves western Jebel Marra in February 2016 (RD)

The cold wave that swept East Jebel Marra in Darfur these days has caused the death of three elderly people in the area of Deribat. Armed robbers killed a student in Kutum on Saturday.

Villagers of Talba, 15 kilometers north of Deribat, informed Radio Dabanga on Sunday morning about “freezing temperatures”. They are coupled with a lack of sufficient cover against the cold.

Aisha Saleh Mohamed (66 years), Hussein Adam Ibrahim (73) and El Hadi Yagoub Haround (82) have succumbed to the extreme weather conditions in Talba.

Last December and January, seven children died because of the severe cold wave in Deribat and Souni, also in East Jebel Marra.

Deadly robbery

Gunmen assaulted Ahmed Abdallah while storming a bakery in Eldababin district in Kutum, North Darfur, on Saturday. Radio Dabanga learnt that the robbery took place at around 11pm by men wearing military uniforms.

An employee of the bakery said that the robbers tied up four of his colleagues and him, and beat to death student Ahmed Abdallah.

They subsequently stole money, mobile phones and the clothes of the bakery workers.

UXO eplosion

A man and his donkey died in an explosion of a remnant of war northeast of Fanga in Jebel Marra on Sunday morning. A family member of the deceased told Radio Dabanga that Ayoub Ibrahim Yousif was on his way home from his farm when the unexploded ordnance was triggered.

Ayoub Yousif sustained serious injuries which later caused his death. The donkey was killed in the spot.

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