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Civilians again targeted across Darfur

June 30 - 2016 JEBEL MARRA
One of the injured of Nierteti locality (RD)
One of the injured of Nierteti locality (RD)

Sudanese armed forces and allied militiamen have left a swath of dead and injured in Darfur after several acts of violence and banditry on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Two women died on Wednesday morning when government forces shelled the Deribat area in East Jebel Marra with heavy weapons and mortars.

A witness from the area told Radio Dabanga that Halima Ibrahim Ahmed (25) and Sadia Hamid Suleiman (32) were tilling their farm. The women were killed outright, and the entire farm was destroyed.

Four residents of Nierteti locality in western Jebel Marra, Central Darfur, were wounded by gunfire from militants in three incidents on Tuesday.

Witnesses from Nierteti locality told Radio Dabanga that on Tuesday night, militants shot Amir Abdullah Yagoub at Tur area and seriously wounded him. He has been transferred to Nierteti hospital.

Callers also reported the hijacking of a commercial vehicle by militiamen, while it was on its way from Tur to Nierteti on Tuesday.

Marauding gunmen also opened fire on student EL Tayeb Yahya Muhajer of the University of El Nilein’s Faculty of Commerce while he was on his way home at Estrena district in Nierteti on Tuesday night.

Eisa Abdullah Khamis was also shot and seriously wounded in Nierteti as he was intercepted by seven militants, three of them on horses and the rest on foot. He and another displaced person were attacked while they were picking lemons in Nierteti Valley at about 12pm on Tuesday. The gunmen shot Eisa and stole his donkey.

Both Muhajer and Khamis were transferred to Nyala hospital in South Darfur.

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