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Cholera still haunts Darfur

September 3 - 2017 MURNEI / ZALINGEI / NIERTETI
Cholera patients at Kalma camp in Nyala last week (RD)
Cholera patients at Kalma camp in Nyala last week (RD)

New cases of cholera are being reported daily across Darfur, but medics in Nierteti are cautiously optimistic with a drop in cases this week.

In addition to the spread of malaria following heavy rains, six people died of cholera and 19 new infection cases of were reported at camp Murnei in West Darfur from Wednesday to Friday.

A camp Sheikh told Radio Dabanga that the total number of hospitalised cases at camp Murnei were 22 until Friday.


The isolation centre at Zalingei Hospital in Central Darfur recorded six deaths and 19 new cases on Thursday and Friday.

El Shafee Abdallah, the Coordinator of Central Darfur camps told Radio Dabanga that camp Hamidiya recorded four deaths and five new infection cases on Thursday and Friday, each of camp El Hassahissa and Khamsa Degaig recorded 10 new cases on Thursday and Friday, while the neighbouring villages of Zalingei recorded two deaths and four new infection cases, bringing the number of hospitalised cases to 72 until Friday.


At Nierteti Hospital in Central Darfur, cholera cases remarkably dropped at the isolation centre on Friday.

One of the sheikhs told Radio Dabanga that on Friday Nierteti Hospital isolation centre recorded only one case coming from outside of Nierteti.

He pointed out that the hospitalised cases have dropped down to seven until Friday.

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