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Cholera in South Kordofan: Student dies, infections spread

The cholera isolation of Tindelti hospital in North Kordofan is based outside of the hospital (RD)
The cholera isolation of Tindelti hospital in North Kordofan is based outside of the hospital (RD)

Four people died of cholera in Delling in South Kordofan, including a university student. Three other students also contracted cholera. Meanwhile the university of Kadugli refuses to postpone the start of the new year.

A young woman who studies at the University of Delling died of cholera after being treated at the Delling Hospital, health workers in South Kordofan reported to Radio Dabanga on Wednesday. Three patients died in El Nila, east of Delling, on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Delling Hospital received three news cases of cholera, all of whom are students at the Delling University. In total, 24 people are being treated for cholera in the hospital. A number of people from El Nila, reportedly 20, contracted cholera and were admitted to hospital on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Basic schools in Delling postponed the opening of the school year for one week

Local authorities decided to postpone the opening of the basic schools for one week, to prevent the spread of the epidemic among school children. The authorities have allowed teachers only to go to schools for preparations.

The medical isolation centre for cholera cases in Kadugli, South Kordofan’s state capital, recorded one case on Monday and two on Tuesday. A witness said that the residents of the town requested the university administration to postpone the re-opening of the university for at least two more weeks until the approach against the spread of the disease will be clear.

“But the university administration refused, on the grounds that it is not known when the epidemic will end,” the witness said.

The special centres in El Tadamon locality have recorded ten cholera cases – seven of whom are from Um El Kheirat –from Sunday to Wednesday. Two cases of cholera were reported at El Wakra and one in Balula in El Tadamon.

North, West Kordofan

Doctors reported that at least 31 people have died of cholera and 313 others have been infected in Abu Zabad locality, West Kordofan, between 4 June and Wednesday. “There are now ten hospitalised cases,” the doctor said. “We ask help to fill the acute shortage of local staff.”

In North Kordofan, the cholera isolation centre in El Birka administrative unit received a person suffering from cholera on Tuesday. The centre’s director told Radio Dabanga that the total number of cases, since the outbreak of the disease, has amounted to 59 cases. He reported a death toll of five people.

Darfur camps

Reports from camp Kario, mainly inhabited by South Sudanese refugees, in East Darfur stated that the number of cases has amounted to 153 people, including five deaths, between June 17 and today.

The Khor Omar medical isolation centre on the western outskirts of Ed Daein has received more than 100 cases of cholera on Wednesday, a health worker told this station. “All cholera patients at Ed Daein Hospital were referred to Khor Omar centre.”

Meanwhile a source from Hillet Musa, east of Tabit in North Darfur, reported that a person died of cholera and three others were infected on Wednesday.

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