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Cholera: Five dead in Zalingei, '210 cases' in Jebel Marra ward

Isolation ward for people suffering from cholera in White Nile state (AP)
Isolation ward for people suffering from cholera in White Nile state (AP)

Camps in Central Darfur recorded five deaths caused by cholera between Saturday and Monday. The single isolation centre in Lebei in East Jebel Marra is treating 210 patients with cholera with the help of doctors from Khartoum.

At least five people died of cholera in Zalingei locality while 32 others were infected in three days’ time – most of them displaced people from camps in the area. El Shafi Abdallah, the coordinator of camps in the state, told Radio Dabanga that “4 death cases of cholera have been recorded at camp Khamsa Degeig, and nine new infection cases between Saturday and Monday”.

In the same period Hassahissa camp recorded three dead and seven new infection cases, in addition to three new cases reported from Zalingei districts. Between Tuesday and Thursday Radio Dabanga reported five people died of cholera in the Zalingei camps.

El Shafi Abdallah explained that the total number of hospitalised cases in the medical isolation centre of Zalingei Royal Hospital was 69 cases, until Monday.

Jebel Marra

In East Jebel Marra locality in South Darfur, the medical isolation centre of Lebei has recorded 210 cases of cholera on Saturday and Sunday. Yesterday volunteers from Lebei reported to Radio Dabanga that there have been no new deaths as a result of the rapid response of people to health instructions of volunteers and medical workers.

“Doctors from Khartoum arrived in Lebei to treat the cases, and an epidemiology team.” - Health centre volunteer

“There are about 60 cholera patients in the centre to receive treatment. The rest of the patients are stable after they were treated,” the volunteer said. A number of people could be discharged immediately.

“Doctors from Khartoum arrived in Lebei to treat the cases, and another epidemiology team is recording the cases.” He said the water wells in the area have been chlorinated but that the challenge lies in the rainy season as people will drink water from valleys. “This requires more efforts from the World Health Organization and Unicef [UN Children’s Fund] to control the disease.”

Also Dr Jamal Abdelmawla appealed to residents in an interview with Radio Dabanga on Thursday: “Residents of villages must immediately go to Lebei centre in the event of any symptoms of the disease, for examination and treatment.”

According to Hussein Abusharati, the spokesman for the Darfur Displaced and Refugees Association, “the situation definitely requires intervention by the World Health Organisation (WHO), and other humanitarian organisations”, seen the high number of cases in East Jebel Marra.


The isolation unit of the Singa Hospital in Sennar received four new cholera patients on Saturday and Sunday, a health worker reported.

He said that the cases were mild. “After a medical check, three of them were discharged. Only one patient was hospitalised.”

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