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Child dies of cold, lack of food near Tabit, North Darfur

December 11 - 2015 TABIT
A girl displaced by violence in Darfur (Paul Jeffrey)
A girl displaced by violence in Darfur (Paul Jeffrey)

A 4-year-old boy died in the area of Tabit. Tawila locality, on Thursday, owing to a lack of food and the cold.

With the dead of Farah Yagoub, the number of child deaths has risen to four among the newly displaced sheltering near Tabit. Mostly women, children and elderly fled their villages of East Jebel Marra, following repeated attacks by militiamen a week ago.

Displaced villagers told Radio Dabanga that they are living in the open without food, cover or medicines, as they fled their villages with only the clothes they were wearing.

During day time they are affected by the heat of the sun and by night of the cold. They explained that no official or organisation provided them any help. The displaced people, mostly children, women and the elderly said that they cannot go to other camps, in El Fasher, Tawila or Shangil Tobaya because they do not have any means of transport means.

They renewed their appeal via Radio Dabanga to the international community and the humanitarian and human rights organisations to intervene so as to save their lives and provide them with food, cover and medicines. 

A source reported that the Unamid mission in El Fasher planned to visit the displaced, but authorities denied the movement. The Unamid mission has not yet commented on the statement. 

Attacks on East Jebel Marra

The displaced fled towards Tabit area following attacks by militiamen on the villages Dali, Koto, Korofalla and Hashaba last week. The total number of displaced is estimated 7,400 people, according to an effected villager. Radio Dabanga reported here about the cause of the displacement towards Tabit. 

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