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Central Darfur woman disarms, binds would-be rapist in Deleig

December 24 - 2015 DELEIG
A Darfuri woman with a dabanga, used to store grain (OCHA)
A Darfuri woman with a dabanga, used to store grain (OCHA)

A pair of militiamen got more than they bargained for on Wednesday when they attacked two Central Darfur women with the intent to rape them.

One of the women managed to disarm one of her attackers, bound him at gunpoint, and delivered him to the police.

The woman was collecting firewood together with a neighbour in Wadi Teiri east of Deleig on Wednesday morning, when the two militiamen ambushed them.

“The attackers attempted to rape the women, but one of them resisted them fiercely,” an eyewitness told Radio Dabanga.

“She managed to take the weapon of one of the men and turned it on him. She tied him up with a rope and took him to the police station of Deleig. The other militiaman managed to flee.”

The source said that the people in Deleig praised her courage and received her with cries of joy and drumming.

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