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Central Darfur starts 'security campaign'

October 16 - 2015 ZALINGEI
Darfuri militiamen wearing a kadamool (file photo)
Darfuri militiamen wearing a kadamool (file photo)

Security forces in Central Darfur began a search campaign this week to curb the widespread criminality in the state.

Security and police agents searched several markets suspected of trade in arms and drugs, as well as houses harbouring suspected criminals. In addition, roads were checked on vehicles without a license.

The Governor of Central Darfur, Jaafar Abdelhakam, told reporters in the state capital Zalingei on Thursday that the Security Committee began to monitor and record the attacks on civilians, armed robberies, and assaults on farmers month ago.

He said.that the current “security campaign” constitutes the next step after an earlier deadline given to the people in the state to hand their unlicensed arms to the authorities, obtain a license for their vehicle, or stop wearing a kadamool (a veil covering most of the face).

“The security campaign will continue, unannounced, in all localities of the state, to reach all those who intimidate the people and threaten the security situation of Central Darfur,” he added.

In July, Abdelhakam introduced emergency laws for the entire state. The laws granted the regular security forces “all powers” to fight the lawlessness in Central Darfur. Yet, rapidly rising criminality rates in the state pushed for new stringent actions.


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